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Why Seek a Facelift?

This is a good representation of the progression of facial aging and loss of volume. After age 30 we lose 1.5% of collagen a year.

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Skin Tightening And Dermal Rolling

How does Dermal Rolling work? Dermal Rolling (Percutaneous subcision of collagen) incites rejuvenation from the natural response to wounding the skin, even though the wound is miniscule. Each tiny wound goes through the three classic phases of wound healing: 1. Inflammation 2. Proliferation (new tissue formation) 3. Tissue remodelling (final stages of volumizing deep in […]

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Dermal Rolling–Collagen Stimulation/Induction Therapy

      Collagen Stimulation Therapy Collagen Stimulation (percutaneous Collagen Induction) is a treatment for the skin that harnesses the body’s own natural healing capabilities to repair and restore facial volume, skin tightness, skin texture, improving and filling lines, wrinkles, and scarring. Collagen Stimulation uses a dermal roller – an instrument with medical grade extremely […]

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Types of Acne Scars and Treatment

    Box Car Scar: The box car scars or boxcar scars can be treated with a variety of techniques including Cross TCA or CIT Medical Roll Icepick Scars: The icepick scars can be either deep or shallow pits.  The scars can be treated by Cross TCA. Rolling Scars: Rolling scars usually are tissues which […]

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With the holidays approaching I thought I’d share a fantastic treatment many of  my patients have discovered. The Velashape Body treatment is the solution to stubborn fat! It is an FDA approved non-surgical contour treatment. Why Velashape? Velashape is the first and only FDA device approved for both Cellulite and Circumferential body zone reduction. Velashape […]

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Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Look Younger (cheaply!)

Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Look Younger (cheaply!) By Karen S Columbus, LMMA, LMC Skin Care Treatments: Medical Microcurrent A Medical Microcurrent is a skin tightening treatment with skin resurfacing. A Medical Microcurrent is a Microcurrent Skin Sculpting Treatment with Microdermabrasion and/or a Medical Grade Peel. Microcurrent Facial Sculpting addresses the following: […]

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