Dermal Rolling Volumizing


Dermal Rolling Volumizing- Proven to be best approach for Facial Rejuvenation




Impressive Fraxel Laser Results with Product Penetration


Facial Volumizing, Scarring, Cellulite and Hair Loss treatments via Dermal Rolling does not damage the skin… it leaves the epidermis
intact as it is a protective layer of the skin.

Dermal Rolling is the only skin recovery and rejuvenation treatment that target and regulate 3 key skin cells: keratinocytes, melanocytes (melanin)  and fibroblasts, without compromising the surface or integrity of the epidermis.

Growth factors released through Dermal Rolling result in corrective and regenerative healing. Unlike other methods, collagen is formed from the dermis upwards. Creating type III collagen or healthy collagen bundles verses growth factors released when when the epidermis is damaged by ablative (surface) or heat methods which in contrast produce cicatricial healing (collagen forms from the surface or top  down). This is not substantive collagen.  It is Collagen type One or scar collagen.

Dermal Rolling stimulates your body’s own volume and collagen, adjusts melanin, vascularization assisting in cellulite and hair growth, releasing scarring and cellulite depressions and  producing Collagen in the deeper layers which is where collagen resides and is formed.

Results are natural, long lasting, not abnormal or plastic looking.

This can also be done with Pure Platelets known as the Vampire Technique.

Your skin becomes thicker. Collagen and elastin increase up to 1000 percent.

Any part of the body may be treated. Healing period is generally less than 24 hours.

Treatments are the most cost effective for the result,  less expensive and more effective than laser treatments

Safe for all skin types.

Will  not cause sun sensitivity

Changes may occur in capillaries– dilated blood vessels that may cause them to disappear.

Use of topical numbing agents makes the procedure comfortable.


Regeneration Theory Indepth:

RX Dermal Rolling is a clinical technique performed by a trained clinician in a sterile environment under RX Topical Anesthetic.

Facial Volumizing via Medical Grade Dermal Rolling is best option for patients no longer willing to undergo costly, dramatic procedures, which produce little, or drastic face altering results.

Typical Facial Rejuvenation is approached in three ways:

1. The Reductive Philosophy– where a plastic surgeon takes away by excising and cutting away skin and tissue. This may not be an acceptable approach, because with procedures such as lower facelifts, brow lifts, etc., once it’s cut away,  it’s gone, and if the result is unnatural and disfiguring, that result is forever. Studies show that people who have had a facelift tend to want to want another facelift within 8-10 years, Hence, the notion that a facelift is permanent is misleading.

2. The Resurfacing Philosophy – where we incite cellular exfoliation of the epidermis, encouraging new cellular production and radiant skin. This is needful but does not by any means provide the level of volume or plumping needed, which is an indication of youthfulness.

3. The Injection Philosophy – where doctors inject certain areas of the face such as the nasal labial folds, marionette lines, and wrinkles. This approach is great for forehead and lines around the eyes, as well as adding some fill,  in areas of reduction, but eventually fades and does nothing for overall facial fullness, rejuvenation or youthfulness.

The Aging Process–The Grape to Raisin Philosophy:

In terms of the aging process, think of the face changing from the full youthful shape of a grape to a shrunken, wrinkled raisin. Traditional approaches to the aging face is adding to areas of the raisin or with plastic surgery, shrink wrapping the raisin into a smaller raisin.

Volumizing is returning the raisin back to the grape.

Dermal Rolling Volumizing is a sterile procedure performed by a trained clinician under prescription topical anesthesia….it is an incision-less facelift that adds tissue to the face,  promoting beauty by rejuvenating the face in a natural way. .

We approach every patient’s need with an understanding that facial beauty programs are like architectural plans or blueprints to a house. It is critical to design your treatment plan with long-term goals and longevity of the procedures in mind.

Dermal Rolling fills the hollows underneath the eyes, lines, folds and sagging skin around the jawline and face in a natural to way, returning those youthful highlights back in areas such as the brow, temple and cheek areas. We restore youth, naturally, without an operated look.

The philosophy of making the raisin into a smaller raisin just doesn’t fit what a person used to be—returning the fact to that plump grape does.

Dermal Rolling- Medical Grade

Dermal Rolling (percutaneous Collagen Induction) is proven, cost effective  treatment approach for the face and skin that harnesses the body’s own natural healing capabilities to repair and restore facial volume, skin tightness, skin texture, improving and filling lines, wrinkles, and scarring.

Our Volumizing utilizes Medical depth Dermal Roller – an instrument with medical grade extremely fine micro-needles. The roller creates tiny micro-channels within the dermis layer of the skin. The resultant natural course of healing releases a cascade of powerful growth factors, encouraging the dense production of collagen and elastin; the subsequent result is skin plumping, volumizing and tightening.

Immediately following the treatment, prescription Vitamin A and Antioxidants are applied via the temporary channels for improved penetration up to 10,000 times normal application,  in a single treatment. Dermal Rolling can be done on all areas of the face and body and is suitable for all skin types.

Dermal Rolling is an alternative to ablative treatments for patients who do not desire the side effects of flaking or peeling with compounded results that surpass chemical peels and ablative lasers. It does not destroy the epidermal barrier and the epidermis stays intact allowing all regeneration to take place below the skin’s surface and allowing it to heal quickly after a treatment. It is also far advanced past costly laser treatments in that we are able to deliver skin-rejuvenating products deeply into the skin during the procedure.

Dermal Rolling is an alternative to facial injectables, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and strong chemical peels. The benefits of collagen induction are:

  • ·         Improved skin texture
  • ·         Softer lines and wrinkles
  • ·         Increased skin tightness
  • ·         Reduced appearance of scarring and pigment spots
  • ·         Increase the effectiveness of active products
  • ·         Restored youthful facial fullness and elasticity
  • ·         Minimal risks Short healing time
  • ·         The process is fairly painless
  • ·         No sun-sensitivity after treatment
  • ·         All skin areas can be treated
  • ·         The body produces its own volume and collagen
  • ·         Completely natural, using the skin’s own powers of rejuvenation
  • ·         You shouldn’t feel any pain as a topical anesthetic is used
  • ·         Short healing time – most clients are able to go to work the next day
  • ·         The effects can last for months as collagen is laid down following treatment

How does Dermal Rolling work?

The skin reacts the same way as it reacts to any other inflammation; initial cascade of growth factors resulting in an abundance of volume tissues…collagen tissue which is  stimulated over time. The new collagen bundles develop on top of the dermis and underneath the epidermis.

Over a course of treatments collagen fibers strengthen and elasticity is increased, resulting in a thicker tissue layer. Treatments also reduce the appearance of skin indentations when dermal rollers are applied to lines wrinkles and scars, including acne scars.

What is the process?

On the day of the treatment, at least one hour before the treatment a prescription  topical anesthetic will be applied. An analysis and consultation determines Roller Depth and the procedure is performed under sterile procedure. Following the treatment, your skin will be red and puffy, so you may want to go home rather than back to the office. You may experience some temporary side effects which dissipate quickly.

How many treatments are needed?

Different depth and levels of dermal rollers are available. These rollers are suited for certain skin types and conditions. A recommended course of six to 10 treatments at four to eight weekly intervals are best. There after maintenance treatments at one to two per year (minimum three months between each.