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Dr. Watkins is CEO and Medical Director performing Body Sculpting & Contouring, Fat Transfer, Medical Weight Loss, Men’s Sexual Modalities such as the P-Shot and treating Men's Sexual Health as well injectables and managing our full Medical Spa. Dr. Watkins has a passion for aesthetic medicine. He has been in practice for fifteen plus years. Dr Watkins is married to his wife of twenty-three years who is also a physician. They have three lovely children, two of which compete in sports at the collegiate level. As an athlete at a younger age, Dr Watkins made health and fitness the foundation of his life and now shares this with his children. Dr. Watkins was trained at the University of Kansas where he received his undergraduate degree in pharmaceutical medicine and later attended medical school at the University of Kansas. Dr. Watkins has been active in the aesthetic business for over eight years and is trained in multiple modalities from injectables and weight loss, to liposuction as well as many other techniques. Dr Watkins is always on the cutting edge of new technology, procedures and discoveries in the aesthetic sphere. His love for and dedication to the aesthetic business keeps him motivated to perfect his skills with ongoing education and state of the art training. He is actively involved in his church and enjoys spending time watching his children compete. He also loves to travel. Dr Watkins is a licensed board-certified physician. He is Certified in the P-Shot and PRP Procedures. He received his Liposuction certification through EuroSpa. He is a member of The Obesity Medical Association, and is Allergan certified physician in injectables, He is also a Certified liposuction physician through Osyris lipotherm laser liposuction/Totalbody contouring as well as previously a board certified pharmacist ACLS PALS BLS certified.

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